About Us

Brenshaw Medical recruitment directors have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the importance of placing a medical professional with the right clinic and location. We understand you are more than just a profession, we aim to assist you in your career. Our highly motivated employees have an immense knowledge and understanding, of the recruitment process for doctors and other healthcare professionals. You strive to provide you with the opportunities that will excite you and assist in reaching your work and business goals.

We have a wide network range, both nationally and internationally, this enables us to provide you with the perfect work/ social life balance. Medical recruitment is our passion, with our background we understand the importance of creating the perfect union between medical facility and health professional.


We make sure to find you the best possible outcome.

Here at Brenshaw medical we are able to assist in sponsorship placements for overseas trained doctors whom require working visas. Facilitate in 3GA program paperwork such as RLRP, PEP program and resume and reference assistance. Furthermore, Brenshaw medical have a network of organisations that assist with pesci preparation and exam, their goal is to help each candidate pass at a higher level.

Brenshaw Medical's dedication to a successful unity is our guarantee!